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  • 'My Love' has released a song '17 Barse Jowan'

    The movie 'My Love' has released '17 Barse Jowan' song which is featuring artists Ganesh Lama and Shital Shrestha. This song is written and composed by Arjun Musong. The song is choreographed by Pradeep Shrestha and playback singer is Mina Singh. The movie will be released on Mangsir 29 across... ... Read More

  • Miss World Praises Deepika Padukone

    Miss World Manushi Chillar has reacted to the famous 'Padmavati' controversy. She has praised Deepika Padukone for handling murder warning. "Indian women are able to encounter every obstacle. Every Indian woman has one similarity that we become examples after solving all kinds of problems", said Manushi. "We should make ourselves... ... Read More